Eighth annual Burning Porcupine • CANCELLED

The 8th annual Burning Porcupine festival, which was tentatively scheduled for August 27-30, 2015, has been cancelled due to lack of volunteers.

Seventh annual Burning Porcupine • August 4–10, 2014


August 4–10, 2014

Tour beautiful, rural Grafton • The freest town in the free state
Music • Camping • Bonfires • Fun
Chris Cantwell, banned from PorcFest for his stance on legitimate self-defence, will be speaking on Saturday at 4pm • Other speakers to precede and follow, along with live music

More planned… stay tuned…

Hoyt Farm • 31 Hoyt Road • Grafton, NH, 03240 • Directions…

More information…

Sixth annual Burning Porcupine • June 10–30, 2013

If you’ve ever wanted to check out the town in New Hampshire with the highest concentration of liberty activists, now’s your chance. Liberty folk will be holding the sixth annual Burning Porcupine festival, this year from June 10–30, at the Hoyt Farm in beautiful rural Grafton.

The main events will be the first few days right after PorcFest (June 24–26), but you can come check out Grafton before or during PorcFest, too.

We’ll be holding tours of Grafton and all the liberty hotspots, showing available real estate in Grafton, and more.

Semi-dry camping is available at the Hoyt Farm. Bring a tent or your RV. There are outdoor bathrooms and a shower but no electricity or water hookups available. Camping, tours, and all events are FREE (however donations are appreciated)!

And if you’re at PorcFest, don’t forget to stop by RV site #59, where we’ll be bringing Grafton to you!

www.burningporcupine.org • 31 Hoyt Rd, Grafton, NH • June 10–30 •

What is Burning Porcupine?

Burning Porcupine Festival began as both a protest of the FSP holding Porcfest at Gunstock and an introduction to Grafton.
As Porcfest has moved back to Rogers and Burning Porcupine Festival's sponsor returned to P'fest, Burning Porcupine Festival is now an introduction to Grafton and an opportunity for folks that didn't make it to P'fest to get together and, for folks who went to P'fest and wished it (the hanging out part) didn't end. --LloydBob

The name is a parody of an event called Burning Man, with the vague intention for it to be a really wild party kind of like that. Instead it actually tends to be really laid back and not that freaky at all other than there are a shitload of anarchists hanging out by a campfire, hatin' on the gooberment, eating, drinking, smoking and generally having a good time. There are events, but one similarity is that Burning Porcupine is largely not a regimented and scheduled event. The participants bring to it whatever they want and that's what shapes it. --Dalebert

Burning Porcupine 2012 Logo

Dale from AnarchyInYourHead.Com has donated the use of his "Flame On" design for our T-shirts this year.
Shirts will be available for purchase at site #21 Agora Alley during Porcfest.

Burning Porcupine 2012 - June 24-30

Burning Porcupine 2012 is scheduled so you can pack up Sunday at Porcfest and go directly to the town of Grafton and set up your tents at the Hoyt farm.

The event is held at the Hoyt farm in Grafton. Google Maps-- Hoyt road, Grafton NH for directions. Burning Porcupine 2012 is scheduled so you can pack up Sunday at Porcfest and go directly to the town of Grafton and set up your tents at the Hoyt farm. JUNE 24 - 30 2012

Primitive camping-- no electric, wifi or water hookups, but the rates are better than Rogers (FREE)
There will be PortaPotties and showers.
There are no motels in Grafton, so if tents are not your thing bring an RV.

Come to Grafton

It's not the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here.

What happens in Grafton stays in Grafton.

2011 Burning Porcupine

June 29th through July 3rd 2011

more info and pictures of past Burning Porcupine Festivals at:

2010 Burning Porcupine

Saturday July 17th through Sunday the 25th, 2010


Vote to deport Catherine Mulholland - 9:30am Town Offices
Stuft and wrapped Chicken at 7pm
Bonfire in big pit

Hike Mt. Cardigan - Carpool from the farm at 7am - picnic on top of the mountain

Field trip to the big lake. Head to Laconia court at 8am to support AntonLee, then off to Funspot for pizza and games.

Kickball in front yard before dinner
Bonfire in big pit again

Shire Olympics

Shire Agorists meet

Bonfire in big pit

when it rains, we hit the slip-n-slide .... like on that good storm on wednesday :)

coverage of the event:

NH Underground forum thread:

Burning Porcupine 2009 Schedule

Burning Porcupine 2009 will be held July 1st through the 7th.
Make your reservations now for this participant-only event. Contact any of last years partygoers for an invitation to this year's festivities.

Wednesday- Basketball

Thursday- Slipnslide

Friday- kickball, volleyball, basketball Book discussion: How to Make Friends and Influence People video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDz9_bVeoHw

Saturday- Volleyball, Three-legged race, tug-of-war, pitchfork throwing, log sawing, slipnslide ... bonfire-side fireworks

Sunday- Ultimate Frisbee

Monday- Mt. Cardigan Hike - kid friendly!

Tuesday- Canoe Race on Tewksberry Pond
Cannibal Cookoff - Prizes for the best recipes

Bonfires every night ... if it isn't raining

Decathlon events will be at 10am each day and may shift according to weather (three-legged race, softball, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, pitchfork throwing, log sawing, tug-of-war, slip-n-slide (for style), canoe race,) Tuesday at noon will be the awards presentation. Eat your Wheaties.

We also have 16" softball! No glove needed.

Group lunches will be available each day. ($5 donations appreciated)

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